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Our Services

Our primary focus is to provide a sense of inclusiveness into the community through integration and awareness.

Learn more about our services and how we connect with a broad network of non profits, organizations and local governments to provide support to allow the community to become a truly welcoming and meaningful place.


Settlement support

Looking for services or programs related to education or employment, CWESS settlement counsellors will work with you to ease and provide you with support and assistance.

Whether you need help to get a drivers license, learn how to enroll in school, how to complete applications for renting a home, finding a family doctor or how to access healthcare services, we can help. Our focus is to provide settlement support, access to services, resources to ease and make the process of settlement smooth and easy in a timely manner. Our experienced and resourceful staff will provide the necessary support to guide you through the settlement process. Service is available in French.



Community support

If you want to learn more about the community is Calgary’s west, we will provide you with information to know more about the services and events available to you.

Looking for childcare services, local retail and grocery shopping (both ethnic and mainstream), sports and recreation for children and adults, community and social events, financial services, banking, looking for mentors to assist with integration into the community, we can help build the connection to ease the process for you.


Volunteer opportunities

We have connections to many local organizations and groups who support community needs.

Looking to be a volunteer to host a newcomer family, we will work with you to match you to a person/family. This will provide an opportunity for learning to support a newcomer to feel like they are in their ‘home.’

You can help connect newcomers with community resources, explain Canadian culture, assist with questions, show them around the city, share your experiences and make the process of resettling much easier.

If you are looking to volunteer yourself as a newcomer, we will strive to work with the community to find a place to help provide your time and an opportunity for you to learn and become accustomed to Canadian workplaces.



Working with the greater community in Calgary’s west zone, we will endeavour to make your resettlement process easier. As a gateway to accessing services, learn what’s in your area and what services and programs you can access, to help with the integration process.

We have built relationships and connections with other service providers who are also focused on working with us to streamline services for you.