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Why should I access CWESS services?

Get in touch with one of our team members to:
Discover healthcare services - how to find a family doctor, dentist, special needs, etc.
How to find daycare services, dayhomes and how to access funding
Know about community services such as extracurricular activities
Learn about the services available in your community, schools, libraries, associations, etc.
Access transportation and public transit system
Know the retail and grocery stores that fit your needs
Find out how to rent or purchase a house, a car, how to get a drivers license, etc.
Know more about how to enroll in school, college, educational institutions, etc.
Understand and access to government services – child tax benefit, PR card applications and processes, etc.
Understand the local job market, gain job search assistance, career counselling, and training programs
Get connected with a volunteer/host family to get oriented

Added Benefits of our services:


Learn and become accustomed to:

Navigation in the city and west zone
Canadian culture and customs
Weather and clothing
Retail and grocery stores
Fair entry services – buss pass, subsidized costs
Gaining access to funded programs, reduced costs, government assistance, etc.