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Building a Collaborative Environment

The main goal of Calgary West Zone Support Services (CWESS) is to promote engagement among recently arrived newcomers in Calgary with settlement services within the broader community. Through collaboration and partnerships, the facilitation of settlement and integration is made easier and more accessible.

CWESS is working with the settlement service providers in the west zone to ensure that collective offerings are accessible and customized to address the unique needs of the newcomer populations living in Calgary West.

CWESS’S focus:

To identify and address the unique settlement needs of newcomer populations living in the West zone
To promote engagement of the community in the settlement and integration of newcomers in Calgary West
To ensure that settlement agencies in the West zone deliver comprehensive, coordinated and client-centred services
To enhance access to, and engagement with, settlement services among newcomers in Calgary West

Advisory Committee

Comprised of community partners and stakeholders, the Advisory Committee will act as a resource, support, and collaboratively work together to encourage the development of services and a framework that enables specific services, programming, and resources for the newcomer community in the West Zone.